Contract Manufacturing

GAP’s contract manufacturing of soft capsules is one of its primary activities. Since the 1970s, the company has used soft gelatin capsule technology, and is the pioneer and sole manufacturer in Greece, providing flexible and cost-effective services in accordance with EUGMP and HACCP.

GAP serves as CDMO for a number of partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Research and Development

The R&D team has a core mission, in the process that starts from a new idea and ends with the delivery of a product to the market or to our clients.

Our R&D team is comprised of highly qualified scientists with expertise in the making of softgels, for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Building upon our established experience in manufacturing softgels, our R&D department, is at the forefront of softgel capsules technology, utilizing its expertise for meeting effectively the targeted needs of our clients.

Our experienced R&D scientists analyze emerging health and nutritional needs, develop new and existing formulas, search for the best raw materials in the global supply chain, ensure the quality of our products and work closely with our clients so as to find the best cost-effective solutions in harmony with existing regulation frameworks.


GAP is now one of Europe's leading CDMOs for softgel capsules, offering a one-stop shop, providing flexible, cost-effective, and targeted services to our clients across the world.

Production Capability & Facilities

At GAP, softgel cap production lines follow EUGMP/HACCP guidelines and in our Class D facilities, we can encapsulate any formulation: Rx, OTC, Hormonal, and Food Supplements. Our production capability can ensure a maximum annual capacity of 3 billion soft gelatin capsules.

Four Production lines of softgel capsules

(4 encapsulation areas/ 5 encapsulation machines)
Highly flexible production process

High format variety including change between each step of the production process

High Die-roll variety including different capsule shapes and sizes: Oval, Oblong, Round, Twist off

Gentle product handling through innovative equipment

Eight Packaging lines for primary, secondary and bulk packaging

(blister ALU/PVC, ALU/ALU, Bottles)
Quick format changeovers

High line efficiency

Less manual documentation and faster batch changes due to automated packaging line

Packaging Line capability from blister to carton (blister, box-leaflet or booklet, carton box)

Four Visual Inspection areas

(2 automated visual inspection systems)
Confirmation of important quantity verification

Reduction of overall quality risks and cost

Serialization and Aggregation system is also in place.

GAP’s departments are all housed in a privately owned industrial estate. GAP’s plant operates in accordance with the most up-to-date international standards and is built on cutting-edge pharmaceutical know-how, technology, and equipment, adhering to GMP and GLP requirements, ensuring the qualitative superiority of its products.

Aside from automated production lines, the following fully developed departments are operational:

  • Departments of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, with fully equipped Microbiology and Chemistry laboratories
  • Warehouses with specially designated storage areas for raw materials, excipients, packaging materials, and finished products
  • Auxiliary areas that support production processes and provide services to employees

Our clientele

GAP is trusted by global pharmaceutical industry leaders and is proud to serve as their CDMO for softgel capsules.


According to a customer satisfaction qualitative research conducted in 2022 via the method of in-depth interviews, GAP has a number of competitive advantages.

What our customers say about us:

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