GAP Pharmaceutical Products

Where the patient comes first.


GAP is one of the longest-operating and most renowned Greek pharmaceutical companies, involved in the development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription (Rx) and OTC products and a leader in the following categories:

  • Branded-generics
  • Value added-branded generics
  • Innovative products

GAP has focused on various therapeutic categories, the most important of which are:

  • Cardiovascular (lipid lowering agents, anti-hypertensive agents, antiplatelet agents)
  • Prevention and treatment of infections.
  • Anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti- Alzheimer drugs, etc.

GAP’s unwavering commitment to the QUALITY, SAFETY and EFFICACY of its products, from the beginning of production to the final product, have won the trust of healthcare professionals and patients, thus making the company a leader in the therapeutic categories in which it operates.

Meanwhile, the company's export activities are continuously expanding aiming to penetrate progressively in more markets.

GAP is one of the companies that have laid the foundation of the Greek pharmaceutical market.

Continuing its strong upward trend, the company's pioneering spirit contributes to the strengthening and establishment of Greek entrepreneurship nationally and internationally.